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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Nocturnal Departure - Clandestine Theurgy

This one is a monster. Nocturnal Departure are a Canadian band obsessed with the past and unafraid to embrace the rawest, darkest sensibilities that have helped to shape so much of the genre, but which modern scenes, full of posers as they are, shy away from. Such is the magic of their new album Clandestine Theurgy a wonderfully raw, primitive, and soul eviscerating black metal record that really speaks to some of the glorious core aspects of the genre and the way that the band has consistently been able to charm. 

Nocturnal Departure impress because of the straight up monochromatic evil of what they have unleashed upon us. This is a record that feels like it could have come out in 1994, the raw production and chainsaw riffs come together to craft a sound that is wonderfully upsetting and bleak. So many modern bands try to use black metal to share an ideology or show how clever they are. Nocturnal Departure don't mess around with any of that. This is stripped back, twisted and sorrowful music that leaves you gasping for air and unsure of where to come up to breather. Clandestine Theurgy is an album that shuns newcomers to the genre and instead elevates those who embrace darkness. 

Clandestine Theurgy is a crusher any way you slice it. There is a twisted vision and stripped back approach that makes the music uniquely addictive. It speaks to an artist who understands the inherent darkness of their sound and who mesmerizes with punishing and dungeon dwelling compositions. For those of us looking for an addition to the canon of the old school, Nocturnal Departure have done an excellent job of building on that. This is what black metal was always meant to be. Monochromatic, frigid and unforgiving. 

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