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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Obituary - Dying of Everything


Obituary are back. Dying Of Everything is the bands first record in six years and it is a monster. The legendary Tardy brothers lead the charge once again after nearly 40 years of creating music together. It's good to hear the kings of the genre executing once more at a wonderfully high level. The sense of torment and high powered destruction that crushes skulls all throughout Dying Of Everything is delightful. We all knew that Obituary were not going to reinvent themselves 34 years into their career, so getting treated to a monster record full of killer riffs is a delight. 

Dying Of Everything impresses because of its dedication to the old school. Songs like "Torn Apart" with their doubled vocals and wonderful "Blech's" are a testament to the power of the underground and the terrifying might that death metal can have when executed at the highest possible level. There is an undeniable charm to these songs and their old school mentality. It's music that goes back to the basics of what makes this genre so exciting in the first place. Whether the band is thrashing it up or rotting in the free world, Obituary prove time and time again on Dying Of Everything that they remain among the greatest to ever do it. 

It's kind of a ballsy move to wait six years between releasing records. With every passing year the expectations around you get higher and higher. For the band to come back out of that and deliver something wonderfully sick proves just how much the groups abilities have matured, evolved and continued to thrive in a world of crushing darkness. Though we may collectively be dying of everything, Obituary capture the nihilism of our age and the unrelenting power death metal has to get us through with undeniable songwriting and throat slitting riffs. 

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