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Monday, December 12, 2022

Holy Popes - S/T


Now this is an interesting one. Billed as "Post-Garage" the music of Holy Popes is an engaging brand of heavy music that will draw you in and enchant you with grungy riffs, gritty production and an overarching sense that things are not going to be ok. There is a real sense of underground magic of Holy Popes and it's hard not to be thrilled by the driving magic and gnarled emotional resonance of what Holy Popes have done here. The band have a strong grasp of the magic of garage rock and filter it through a bevy of influences for something truly great.

This is a record that ties into so many of the tropes the band draws inspiration from, but it executes on them well and the end result is an emotional and burly offering that I think fans of the underground are going to have a lot of fun sinking their teeth into. Holy Popes is at its best when the yarling is at a fever pitch and the band give into the distortion. It's their rawest moments that lean the most eagerly into their garage rock roots that really draw listeners into what makes them special. This is a band who really understand how to navigate the most twisted aspects of their sound and it's their where they really shine through. 

Holy Popes are a veritable force. They have a sense of themselves that I think few of their peers could similarly lean into and the driving power of the bass guitar and the enchanting magic of the overdrive pedal makes for something great. This is a shredding and fun offering that devotees are going to come back too time and time again. Holy Popes understand the twisted and bleak magic of their music and the apocalyptic nature of a world that seems eager to collapse down around their ears. Enjoy this soundtrack of modernity. 

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