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Friday, December 16, 2022

Screamer - Kingmaker


In the burgeoning true metal scene there has always been one band that really stood out to me. I'm talking of course about Screamer. As a band it always felt like their execution was at a higher level replete with gorgeous melodies and stunning performances. This new album, Kingmaker is a potent continuation on that theme with larger than life compositions and triumphant melodies carrying listeners forward as they become ever more enamored with the fantastical stories of might and magic told by Screamer on this new album. 

Kingmaker sees Screamer continually executing with aplomb and impressing listeners with massive choruses and thrilling performances. Tracks like "Burn It Down" with the soaring vocals, fist pumping choruses and punchy riffs really speak to what makes this band such a special and titanic force in the underground. It's a delight to really immerse yourself in the hard hitting magic of this band at their best. Kingmaker feels like a massive step forward for the band, and one that really distills a lot of what has made them so good historically. Screamer continually show with Kingmaker that they have what it takes to bring their music to the next level. 

Screamer may be a longtime favorite of mine, but I still can't help but to be impressed at how well they pulled off this offering. Kingmaker is an impressive offering simply because of the depth of what has been conjured up. The band has found a way to distill so much of what makes them special on Kingmaker and the tight songwriting and dynamic songwriting makes for an offering that is going to keep you coming back in awe. Screamer are a rising force, it's on you to decide if you will stay along for the ride or cower among the posers.

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