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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Bodyfarm - Ultimate Abomination


Bodyfarm are natural born killers of the highest degree. Their new album Ultimate Abomination is a devastatingly evil and crushingly heavy ministration of darkness guaranteed to drag listeners into the pit as they gasp for air and hope for salvation in a life of suffering. There is a twisted magic to their new album that sees them building on all that's come before but also showing once more that they are deservedly Dutch death metal heavyweights. This is skull cracking metal devastation done and dusted at the highest level.

It's hard not to be charmed by the inherent darkness of Bodyfarm and all that they've conjured up. Ultimate Abomination impresses in the depth of the compositions and the deep understanding of the genre. Tracks like "Soul Damnation" with its punishing chugs and dynamic assault are exactly the sort of thing to excite listeners and leave them begging for more. It's a testament to how talented this band is and all that they have so consistently brought to the table year after year. Rather than ever coming off as dates or old school, the vintage vibes of Bodyfarm only seem to add to the charm of their music. This is death metal done with bone grinding grit. 

The dialed back determination and borderline terrifying discipline of Bodyfarm's continued assault on the masses is a lot of fun to immerse yourself in. It's a fitting reminder that within the European underground many great treasures are hidden and the more time you spend indulging in them the more you will start to come to terms with new brands of darkness. Bodyfarm understand the glorious misery of this sound and letting yourself get lost in it is a delight. Turn Ultimate Abomination all the way up, because these guys are here for your skull!

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