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Monday, December 19, 2022

Tribunal - The Weight Of Remembrance


Tribunal are a remarkable gothic doom band out of Vancouver on 20 Buck Spin. Their new record, The Weight Of Remembrance is a truly impressive offering full of stately riffs, larger than life compositions, gorgeous sonic triumphs and a sense of bombast that can't help but to fascinate even the most devout listeners. The duo of cellist/bassist/vocalist Soren Mourne (Mourne is a great name for a doom metal artist, just saying) and guitarist/vocalist Etienne Flinn leads to shockingly rewarding music. Tribunal is impressive because of the breadth of what they have crafted.

One of the first things that will resonate with you about this project is simply how good the production is. The Weight of Rememberance is allowed to shine because the mixes are gorgeous and the thru line of the whole album is clear. It's a record that leans into a My Dying Bride-esque heaviness and a truly crushing portrayal of modern life architecture. The unending sorrow that the band leans into is visceral and powerful. This feels like a noble continuation to the previous generation of art doom bands, bands like Subrosa and Woods of Ypres. There is a real sense of sorrow here and a vision behind the execution that has me excited to learn more and really sink my teeth into the vision that the band has brought us all in on. It's triumphant. 

This is a record that is borderline transcendent at best, and deeply thrilling at worst. It's an album that shows a deep understanding of generations of doom metal to come before and reminds us that there can still be some truly beautiful and enthralling moments in this music. The Weight Of Remembrance is a weighty offering, and one that is going to keep fans of the underground buzzing when it comes out next year. There is a lot to really think about and immerse yourself in with this band, and the more that they seem capable of pushing towards gorgeous new heights, the more I want to dig in.

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