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Monday, January 23, 2023

Angerot - The Profound Recreant


Well this is a fucking crusher. Angerot have long since established themselves as masters in the world of old school death metal, but this new album feels like it's on a new level entirely. Featuring devastating HM-2 riffs, wonderfully deep production and a huge plethora of guests (Including both Andy Larocque and Steve Tucker), The Profound Recreant is a goddamn monster of an album. This is death metal done right, with a healthy respect for the old school and no frills beyond bringing in some of the best to ever do it to help them crush. 

Angerot's love for the old school is present right from the first, but this is part of what makes them so much fun to sink your teeth into. Tracks like "Grand Feast Ov The Flesh" are absolute scorchers any way you slice them. It's hard not to become enamored with the blazing assault and tormented blasphemy that makes these offerings so compelling. The Profound Recreant shines in its bitter darkness and keeps listeners coming back for more as they unveil increasing layers of misanthropy for us all to revel in time and time again. It's death metal done with a level of understanding for the genre that few of their peers can properly reflect upon. 

Join me in immersing yourself in the murk and coming to a deeper understanding of Angerot's bitter distaste for humanity. The Profound Recreant is a monster and an album that is going to keep you excited as you attempt to delve ever deeper into its Lovecraftian horror and mind annihilating layers. This album is anthemic and chunky, the sort of thing that you put on as a perfect example of what it sounds like when death metal is done right. Lose yourself in the dark, Angerot have a deep understanding of our blasphemous genre and you need to suffocate under it. 

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