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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Negative Blast - Echo Planet


Now this one is a rager. Negative Blast are a San Diego hardcore band with an impressive pedigree including members of Earthless, OFF!, Lewd Acts, [CON•TACT] and Hour of the Wolf. The cumulative result of their collective effort is a wonderfully pissed off hardcore record that is going to keep fans thrilled with the blasting magic of a sound that just won't quit. This is hardcore done right, doomed to destroy and destined to die. It will throw you into the pit and leave you thrilled for what more is to come from these titans. 

Echo Planet impresses not just because of its bubbling intensity but also the bleak vision that the band brings to the table. There is a tormented assault that they unleash time and time again on listeners here and the chaotic magic of tracks like "Bad Trip" is undeniable. One gets the sense that Negative Blast could fall apart at any moment - but it's their ability to hold it all together regardless that helps to make them so remarkable and fun to listen too. It's a testament to their work and impressive capabilities as composers who seem eager to delve ever deeper into the underground as they seek to leave fans in awe of what more has been created here. 

Negative Blast writhe in the murk and spew venom out of their sunny southern California hardcore scene. It's hard not to be impressed with the bleak sounds and high powered assault that they consistently unveil as they mosh through the eight tracks presented here. They show a healthy respect for their elders, but are clearly ready to throw down with their peers. Not a lot of bands can strike this balance but to Negative Blast it seems natural.  

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