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Monday, January 9, 2023

Brae - Av Vålnader Bortom Allt

I've talked before about how I love black metal that feels old, not just that captures the spirit of the 90s, but that feels like it comes from a time forgot. Such is the power of Brae's new record Av Valnader Bortom Allt. An absolute crusher of a release, this is an album that reeks of othertime, emerging from the crypt to wash us in monochromatic sounds of a old school brand of black metal that many of the bands peers have forgotten what it means to create. Fortunately we have the wonderfully true and stripped down misery of Brae to keep our nightmares alive. 

Av Valnader Bortom Allt impresses because of the bitter, black and white nature of the compositions. Featuring two pieces that each weight in around twenty one minutes, this isn't exactly listening for the faint of heart. Instead Brae is about losing yourself in the suffocating storm that they bring to the table, the bitter vision and heart rending assault that serves to make their music so engaging and awe inspiring. This is black metal done right, with a howling desperation and a nostalgia for the past that is sure to evoke forgotten emotions in even the most jaded of listeners. This is the sound of the nineties brought screaming back to life. 

Brae are a veritable black metal force. Their sonic assault is undeniable and it's hard not to be charmed by the crippling assault that illustrates so much of their internal darkness. The clear nods back to their sonic forefathers is just a nice additional touch to what Brae are bringing to the table here. Chaotic and borderline terrifying, Brae have found a way to keep listeners in awe of the twisted burning wreckage that they bring to the table. Let yourself get lost in this bitter hatred and find dark medieval forces you never knew existed within you.

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