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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Cadaver Shrine - Benighted Desecration


Cadaver Shrine is a relatively new death metal project from the terrifyingly prolific Maurice De Jong. After having released a two song demo in October, the band now has a crushing full length to really get lost in. The terrifying sonic assault that De Jong crafts here with the larger than life power of Cadaver Shrine is impressive and speaks to his longstanding roots in the death metal scene. It's hard not to be impressed with the crushing breadth of what he's crafted and what this record means for those who have immersed themselves in his unique brand of darkness. 

Few other acts can penetrate a similar level of crushing despair. Benighted Desecration impresses because its overarching sense of doom really leaves listeners in awe of the unholy sacraments to come. Cadaver Shrine understand the inherent misery of their music and hearing them tear listeners limb from limb is a delight. There is something almost otherworldly and terrifying about the monolithic death metal riffs that Cadaver Shrine unleash all over this album. It's hard not to be enamored with the breath taking assault and crippling sonic firestorm that Cadaver Shrine are able to unleash consistently as they drag you to hell with this album. 

Benighted Desecration is a stunning testament to Maurice De Jong's creative capabilities, and it is a thrilling opening salvo from Cadaver Shrine. There are terrifying atmospheres, bottom scraping vocals and punishingly heavy riffs galore to keep listeners thrashing through the night. Benighted Desecration is a veritable monster of an album and the creepy and unsettling magic that Cadaver Shrine is able to inject throughout makes for a wonderfully engaging listen.

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