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Thursday, January 12, 2023

Deviser - Evil Summons Evil


Deviser have long been a gloriously twisted underground force. Their approach as devotees of the left hand path has always been entrancing, few of the bands peers really grasp the same sense of internal darkness and misery that these Hellenic masters have long espoused. Evil Summons Evil is the first new album from Deviser in well over a decade and it sees them coming off as more mature and talented than ever before. This is triumphant black metal darkness done with a vision for a darker and more blasphemous future we can all fear. 

Evil Summons Evil is surprisingly crisp in its delivery, the production is really excellent, with epic synths padding out songs and snarled vocals slotting in perfectly in the mix. Producer Psychon, of SepticFlesh fame has really outdone himself in crafting a record that does justice to Deviser, both in their present state and their legacy. The compositions here are impressively right and songs like "Where Angels Fear To Tread" are just immaculately put together and really do justice to the larger overall vision that Deviser are bringing to the table. Evil Summons Evil is a veritable monster and hearing Deviser execute at this high a level after so long away is amazing. 

This is black metal done in the grand old style, with a clear understanding of what the genre can and should be. It's hard not to be charmed by the inherent sense of darkness that the band is able to conjure up so easily and the sense of creeping dread that helps to make this such a compelling act to listen too. Deviser have positioned themselves as a one of a kind force in the underground and immersing yourself in their pit of bloody savagery is a delight. This is black metal done right, brutally efficient and at times terrifying. If you let yourself get swept up in the darkness you will find yourself in the very pits of Tartarus. 

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