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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Funeral Winds - Stigmata Mali


Now this is a wonderfully fierce one. Funeral Winds craft unrelenting 90s style black metal, and the punishing assault that they bring out on their newest album, Stigmata Mali is a veritable firestorm. This record sees the band unleashing hell on listeners as they careen through eight tracks of furious second wave black metal madness, paying a fitting tribute to so much of the glorious darkness that has come to shape the most wonderfully blasphemous corners of this genre. It makes for a truly engaging and demented terrorscape. 

Stigmata Mali is enchanting because of how the monochromatic compositions capture the imagination and the twisted wreckage of these songs leaves you gasping for breath. Of course - calling this album monochromatic is underselling it. Tracks like "The Bornless Forever" break out surprisingly melodic and epic feeling guitar lines that will capture the attention of devout listeners. It makes for a wonderful sense of darkness and overarching vision that will bring listeners back time and time again. While Funeral Winds is certainly not reinventing the steel, that was never the point. What they're successfully, continuously doing is proving that there is new life in the old gods. 

Funeral Winds have found a way to unveil darkness that is delectably twisted and wholly their own. The dark vision that they foretell throughout Stigmata Mali is a testament to their talent as composers and the bleak worlds in which they inhabit. It's hard not to be charmed by the twisted compositions and anthemic, war like cries that help to shape so much of the music on this album. It makes for a compelling offering that fans of the genre are going to consistently find themselves coming back too, in awe of the bitter pill that they have forced themselves to swallow.

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