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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Heidevolk - Wederkeer

It's been five long years but the viking metal masters Heidevolk are back! Always one of my favorites in the scene, this new album Wederkeer is a step forward for the band, building on so many of the epic and powerful elements that made their past work so compelling. This is pagan metal done right, with a grandiose sense of the past but with a vision for the bleak and frostbitten magic of the Northern wastes. Heidevolk have always been a band apart with their open throated chants dominating compositions rather than leaning into the black metal elements of their peers. Wederkeer builds on that.

Wederkeer is bombastic and powerful, an album that leans into so many of the classic Heidevolk elements, but which is unafraid to get more thoughtful and even gentle than previous work. Songs like the title track, which is essentially entirely acoustic speak to the bands depth of performances and the overarching vision that they bring to the table. The production on this thing is gorgeous too by the way, these are songs that you can really immerse yourself in. You'll see the vast sonic universes of the band unfolding in front of you and reminding listeners just how special what they have being presented to them is. It's a one of a kind band. 

Heidevolk were missed in their time away from the scene. Hearing them come back in force with music that is this powerful and emotionally resonant speaks to their power as songwriters and composers. It's hard not to be charmed by the breadth of their vision and the grandiose compositions that they bring to the table. Wederkeer is a thrilling offering for those of us who have long waited to hear more from this truly excellent band. It builds on their legacy but offers something new fans might fall in love with. What more could you want? 

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