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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Oak - Disintegrate


Oak are an interesting force in the underground. Made up of members of Gaerea, this project emerged as the drummer and guitarist of that vaunted black metal band were writing the latest Gaerea album. They found themselves with riffs that didn't quite fit the main project, and we've been lucky enough to see these offshoots grow into a mighty... well... oak. Disintegrate is a massive single forty five minute long song. It's a multi part epic that you're going to get lost in and which speaks to the bands ability to craft music that is resonant and powerful. 

There is a monumental sense of scale that helps to shape Disintegrate which is a big part of what makes it so much fun. It's an album that leans into its own sense of bombast and which eagerly impresses listeners with larger than life compositions and bleak songwriting. There is a sense of despair that defines this offering that helps to keep it engaging and has me on the edge of my seat as each individual movement cascades into the next. This is the sound of mountains moving, and we're just lucky enough to get to witness Oak put this together piece by piece on Disintegrate as we fall ever more in love with the art presented here. 

Disintegrate is an impressive debut and a record that I think fans of the underground are going to lose themselves in time and time again. This is death doom done with a monumental scope and a sense that we are all going to get dragged down with them. Oak are a force that I think few of their peers can compare too and it's a delight to really let yourself experience the volume and triumph of what's being done here. As this album crawls towards its climax you find yourself lost in the emotional resonance and reminded once more why this genre is so powerful.

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