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Thursday, January 5, 2023

Katatonia - Sky Void Of Stars


Now this is a stunner. Katatonia's late period renaissance has been fairly remarkable, but it feels like Sky Void Of Stars is on a whole new level. Some of the bands strongest work to date, this is a record that demands the listener immerses themselves fully in the grandiose and larger than life magic of what they have created here. Building on their cleaner 'new era' material, the band has found a way to prove once more that they are among the greatest to ever do it. It's hard not to fall in love with the transcendence they've crafted. 

Katatonia have long since proven themselves to be on a different level than their peers. This music though seems to put them on a deeper level of emotional resonance. Not only that, but this album manages to impress because of its gorgeous production and larger than life vision. The way it's presented throughout, with bombastic compositions, massive choruses and transcendent visions leaves fans like me in awe of what more is to come from these old school kings of the doom metal genre. It's rare that you find a band who are able to keep putting album of the year level content more than thirty years into their career - but here we are. 

And I mean that by the way - Sky Void Of Stars almost certainly is going to dominate year end lists. It's an album that is resonant and powerful in a way that few of the bands peers can really match up too. You're going to lose yourself in this record from the second you turn it on. It's simply so massive in scope and offers so much to the devout listener trying to really grasp the vision that they have laid out on this most impressive of albums. Letting yourself get lost in the darkness is only going to keep you coming back in awe.

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