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Friday, January 6, 2023

Imperium Dekadenz - Into Sorrow Evermore


Now this is a crusher. Imperium Dekadenz have, for years, positioned themselves as one of the most impressive black metal bands in the underground with a massive vision and an approach that feels larger than life. On their seventh album, and first new album in 4 years, the band finds a way to present themselves as greater than ever. Into Sorrow Evermore is perhaps their most grandiose and impressive work to date. It's an album that speaks to the power of black metal when exploited to its full potential and given imagination free reign. 

Into Sorrow Evermore is a record that clearly ties into Imperium Dekadenz's heritage. Within this album is a clear love for the beauty of the forest and the fields, the rivers and the lakes, and simply the power of nature over music. Throughout this album Imperium Dekadenz continually showcase a grand vision, one that speaks to the simple poetry of this music and the transcendent chorus of which Imperium Dekadenz can be party. This is black metal done at the broadest scale, with a clear dedication to their musical ancestors, but with songwriting and production that pulls from the best stuff going on in the scene today. It's a fitting mix for a record that feels this massive. 

I like records that feel larger than life and which are comfortable leaning into some of our greatest shared stories. Such is the magic of Imperium Dekadenz. Into Sorrow Evermore is a bombastic and epic album that continually drives towards new heights and hints at what more could be. This is black metal that is gently symphonic, and unafraid to lean into its most epic visions. Imperium Dekadenz have continually proven themselves to be in a league of their own. Hearing them unveil this in such a grandiose manner only adds to the wizardry. 

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