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Saturday, January 7, 2023

Oerheks - Landschapsanachronismen


My favorite black metal is typically the stuff that feels oldest, as if it was unearthed from times forget and tells us something about our humanity as it was, not as it is in our modern world. Oerheks manage to do exactly that with their thrilling new release Landschapsanachronismen. A two song, 25 minute long demo, Oerheks have created something feels larger than life, grandiose and powerful. It's black metal done with a dedication to the old school, made in order to feel transcendent and powerful, speaking to larger themes of darkness and inspiring listeners to lose themselves in their inner world.

Landschapsanachronismen is a record that never strays too far from its roots in the old school, and the Flemish touches that Oerheks put on the sound feel like a fitting nod to their heritage. The press release for this album hints at it being an "Understated triumph" and I couldn't agree more. Oerheks are able to use the fuzzy production to their advantage with glorious compositions that take advantage of their long form to entrance listeners and let them really get lost in the beauty of what has been unleashed. This is transcendent and gently poetic black metal of a sort that I think few of the bands peers could really match up too. 

While Oerkheks certainly aren't reinventing the steel, what they have done is crafted something that perfectly nods to so many of the most interesting and emotionally viable aspects of the underground black metal scene. Landschapsanachronismen is a thriller and an album that will tug at the heartstrings every time you put it on. Oerheks understand the inner beauty of this music and it's such a delight to really let yourself get lost in the monochromatic brilliance of what has been crafted. I was not expecting to be left in awe of a two song demo, but here we are.

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