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Thursday, January 19, 2023

Satanika - Hordes Of Disgust

Satanika are a band who perfectly embody the uniquely Italian breed of blackened thrash metal that stretches back, as far as I can tell, to the days of bands like Bulldozer. This new album from Satanika, Horde Of Disgust is twisted and weird, a testament to the bands ongoing dedication to darkness and their ability to craft something ripping and terrifying time and time again. This is thrashy black metal blasphemy done right, with a desire to slit throats and speak to listeners about the inherent darkness in a way that only metal can do. 

The sense of bloodthirsty madness that shapes so much of this record really speaks to their power as musicians. The demented cries that define a track like "Cursed Be Thy Name" turn it into a veritable warmongers anthem, and infect the songs with a Venom-esque sense of depravity. It's hard not to be charmed by the twisted vision that Satanika so eagerly bring to the table and the balls out assault that makes so much of this speedfreaks wet dream possible. Hordes Of Disgust is devilish at best, using tritones and angular riffage to put the band in a wonderfully twisted soundscape that can't help but to horrify listeners. 

Spear pointed and unrelenting, Satanika continually find ways to impress and desecrate on Hordes Of Disgust. This is a stripped back and gnarly heavy metal record that is deeply in love with all of the genres most satanic attributes. (Though, to be fair, you probably didn't need to look much further than the name to know that.) Hordes Of Disgust may not be breaking any new ground, but in their finest hours Satanika are as vile as the worst of them and keep listeners coming back for more of that blackened thrash metal magic. 

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