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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Vorna - Aamunkoi

Vorna have been on my radar for a few years now, and honestly, I'm not sure why I don't listen to them more. Their new record, Aamunkoi is a masterclass in pagan metal with ancient Finnish melodies, beautiful, multilayered songwriting and an overarching sense that we are all part of something greater and older than we could possibly imagine. As you might imagine based off that description, Aamunkoi is a deep listen and a record that rewards multiple listens, giving fans a reason to really lose themselves in what they've created.

Aamunkoi is a massive step forward for the band. It sees them crafting songs on a level that few of their peers can compare too. The tracks here are lush and spill out at times like a trickling brook and other times as a waterfall of black metal fury. Vorna are transcendent at best and visionaries. This album is an epic journey and one that listeners are going to find themselves consistently ever more enamored with. The important thing to realize about this album too is that even though it is very much in the folk/pagan world, this isn't a collection of drinking anthems. It's thoughtful and artfully produced pagan metal that is progressive and powerful. 

There are some records that are simply a joy to listen too, which speak to the potency of their creators and leave you in awe. Aamunkoi is one such record, an offering that soars from peak to peak and gives fans a reason to really let themselves get lost in the darkness. Vorna understand the triumph of pagan music and fuse it with progressive and blackened sounds that can't help but to thrill. Aamunkoi is a potent offering and one that I think fans of the underground are going to find themselves consistently coming back too, ever more enamored.

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