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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The Abbey - Word Of Sin


When The Abbey burst onto the scene a few months ago the community seemed intrigued. On the one hand it felt like the band was building on the work of Ghost, but on the other their sound was something truly different. Now that I've heard their debut album, Word Of Sin I've come to realize that the truth is somewhere in the middle. This is a really fantastic record, and it certainly seems to be cut from the same sonic cloth as Ghost, but the doomed wizardry behind it makes it more than just talented sycophants aping their heroes. 

Word Of Sin is transcendent at best, with interlocking guitar lines and poetic choruses coming together to fascinate listeners and leave us in awe as the band leaps from peak to peak. Meanwhile the songwriting has some truly massive hooks and potent sonic explorations that will keep listeners engaged. A lot of this benefits from some truly excellent production which can't help but to lure you into the multifarious layers of sonic sorcery. The Abbey have crafted something endlessly impressive with this offering. It's an album that really leans into the larger than life magic that doom metal can have. The end result is something bombastic and endlessly exciting. 

The Abbey may be categorized by some as mere Ghost-worship, but there is something different here, something that feels older and far more evil. This is a band who have the songwriting chops to craft anthems but who are clearly much more comfortable with something that feels a little less Broadway and a little more evil. Rather than winding up as one of countless imitators, The Abbey have found a way to build on popular sounds and force listeners to come to terms with the power of what has been presented here. 

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