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Monday, February 13, 2023

Demonstealer - The Propaganda Machine

Do you ever have an album that's so good it forces you to reconsider the entire genres that it's tied into? That's the case for me with Demonstealer. While they've historically branded themselves as symphonic and technical death metal, this new album takes both genres to an exciting new place. The Propaganda Machine is a truly potent offering, featuring some of the bands tightest songwriting yet and stellar performances that speak the grousp continued skill and ability to really deliver death metal at the highest possible levels. 

This may seem like a weird thing to say about a death metal record, but one of the greatest highlights of the album is the deploying clean vocals. It's really impressive to hear the level of emotion they add and the quality of the interplay between the cleans and the growls. They're tastefully executed and have a distinctly modern feel. It's the sort of sound that allows for fist pumping clarity but also circle pitting insanity. Finding that balance is tricky, especially while maintaining a high degree of intensity. However, Demonstealer have found a route and crafted a sound that is wholly their own and wonderfully powerful, building on all their past success and then some. 

The Propaganda Machine is a potent record with an import message about the propaganda that has come to pollute our reality. Demonstealer have been going for decades now and stood proud as masters of the sprawling Indian metal scene. The Propaganda Machine is in a world apart, a crushing offering that acts as a testament to the bands hard work for decades. Letting yourself get immersed in this madness is a blast and it speaks to the skill of the musicians creating it. Turn it all the way up, because this is what metal was meant to be.

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