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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Diablation - Par Le Feu


Diablation are a black metal band emerging from the frothing waste of the French black metal scene. Featuring members of Seth and Ad Inferna, Diablation unveil a brand of monochromatic and punishing black metal that is uncompromising in its vision and assault. Their second record, Par Le Feu is an intimidating and skullcrushing enterprise, full of bleak songwriting and tormented vocals. It's black metal without frills, that dials right into what makes this genre so special and which eagerly evokes the wonderful darkness of this scene.

There is a sort of elegant poetry to this band that really shines on Par Le Feu. The synth padding on tracks like "Au Bord Du Goulfre" allows the music to feel bombastic and powerful. It's hard not to be charmed by the dark imagery and stark unrealities that Diablation so eagerly paint throughout this album. It speaks to a darker soundworld and one that I think many of their peers can only gaze upon with envy. Diablation understand the fundamental nature of the genre, and the clear vision that they bring to the table on tracks like "Crepsucule Dore" is thrilling, a testament to just how talented and clear eyed this band is in their ministrations.

Par Le Feu is an impressive offering any way you slice it. It shows a band starting to really pull their sound together and showcase to listeners exactly what sets them apart. Diablation have been able on this album to prove to the naysayers that they have what it takes to be a force in and of themselves and they leave me endlessly excited for more work from a band who have such a clear grasp of the genre. While this album may not hold many surprises, it's an absolute rager and one that I think underground devotees will have on repeat.

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