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Friday, February 24, 2023

Full of Hell/Primitive Man - Suffocating Hallucination

There are very few releases that come out that one might describe as 'cripplingly heavy'. Many bands today simply lack the studio expertise or desire to become that crushing. However, when two of the heaviest bands in the underground, Full of Hell and Primitive Man team up, you know you are in for something punishingly loud, and this case, triumphantly sludgy. Such is the case with the devastating new offering from these projects, Suffocating Hallucination. An album that feels like the culmination of years of friendship, this is a terrifying, soul crushing release. 

Suffocating Hallucination impresses because of the sheer terror that the band so easily conjures up throughout the release. Songs like "Rubble Home" are simply apocalyptic in scale, it's hard not to be enamored with the devastating volume and execution on display here. While the record certainly seems to lean more towards Primitive Man's sludge than Full of Hell's death grind, the added personnel seem to really fill out the sound and give it flavors that any individual release from either band would ever have. Blasts of speed provide a fitting counterpoint to the brooding riffs. It's interesting - these are both groups who historically have sounded crushingly ugly, but in very different ways. Hearing them push each other further down these paths of sonic depravity is wonderfully rewarding, if not a little terrifying. 

This is certainly not an album for the faint of heart or for those just getting into heavy music. Suffocating Hallucination is more the gem you find at the bottom of the treasure chest, after you've dug through these groups vast and fascinating discographies to unveil a precious stone that brilliantly reflects some of the most gloriously demented sides of each project. Full Of Hell and Primitive Man are well respected and beloved favorites in the underground for a reason. Suffocating Hallucination is just another layer to their devastating legacies. 

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