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Sunday, February 5, 2023

.gif from god - Digital Red

.gif from god are a force apart. They are yet another very exciting extreme band rising out of the grind scene in America right now and their new EP, Digital Red is a crusher. An offering that nicely summarizes some of the most impressive aspects of the bands career so far. This is a chaotic release that emphasizes the frenetic mastery and deep anxiety of their sound. .gif from god use this album to drag listeners into a soundworld of pain and chaos like few others. It's a testament ot the bands terrifying approach and the mind melting nature of the bands inspirations. 

Skronky and uncompromising, .gif from god seem to owe just as much to the screamo scene as they do the grindcore one. Rather than going heavier than heavy as many of their peers do, .gif from god seem to revel more in the darkness and moodiness that scooped guitars and panicked vocals can bring. It's a grindcore record from kids who grew up listening to My Chem. There's a lot to draw you in for this one and nervous energy that shapes so much of this record is addictive. It speaks to a band who are going to drag you into the pit and beat you with nervous experience. Digital Red is a fitting next step for these Richmond freaks and hearing them continue to develop their suffocating crush is going to be interesting indeed. 

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