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Monday, February 6, 2023

Woewarden - In The Art Of My Caged Existence

What is it with Australia and having great DSBM bands? Woewarden is a project emerging from the most isolated city in the world, Perth. Emerging from the same sonic space as artists like Austere or Woods of Desolation there is something wonderfully bleak about the atmospheric and depressive tones of what Woewarden has crafted here. Featuring members of Deadspace, Advent Sorrow, Fleshworship and Pestilential Shadows the pedigree is there, and fortunately the music very much holds up to these vaunted precursors. 

In The Art Of My Caged Existence fascinates because of the breadth of the production and the larger tha nlife ministrations as the doomed ambiances crash down around your earts. These songs are epics, and whie only one splays out past the six minute mark, each offering feels like a multi part threnody, doomed to drag you to hell and force you to come to terms with the wonderful darkness to which we are all party. There is a really bleak future outlined here and a fascinating sense of despair that drives the whole album forward. Clearly a labor of love, the production is wodnerful and the emotions behind the execution are sure to keep listeners engaged as they come back time and time again. 

This is DSBM done with a flair for the tragic. The mournful vocals are almost wailing at ties, before sinking back into a more plaintive shriek. Minor key riffs and desolate songs paint soundworlds full of misery. It's hard not to be drawn in by the misery that Woewarden are crafting here and the bleak sense of isolation that is watchword among these songs. This is DSBM done with a dense of despair that you rarely hear fully executed on and it's a delight to let yourself get lost in the inhuman suffering that Woewarden continue to paint. 

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