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Friday, February 3, 2023

Omega Infinity - The Anticurrent


Omega Infinity are an interesting project to say the least. Made up of the ever interesting duo of Tentakel P of Todtgelichter and Xen of Ne Obliviscaris, this duo has always sat in a world apart. The bands sophomore offering builds on the interesting and mind expanding formulas of their debut Solar Spectre. A record that seeks to explore time, going all the way back to the Big Bang, Omega Infinity have quickly found a place for themselves in the world of interesting avant garde black metal. The Anticurrent is freakish and larger than life, exactly the sort of thing to draw listeners in.

In this scene there are few bands who really are able to harness raw chaos and craft something that is entirely their own. While Omega Infinity certainly do point back to key influences, this is a band who are profoundly weirder than most other acts out there right now and who seem to really revel in their avant garde ministrations. It's a delight to really hear them exploring twisted and interesting layers of sound in order to unveil new darkness of a sort that I think few of the bands peers could even imagine emulating. Even their cover of Emperor's "Ye Entrancemperium" showcases this as they take the classic to bizarre and disturbing new places.  

The Anticurrent is an impressive tour de force of the capabilities of the musicians at hand and an album that I think encourages listeners to dig deeper into a group who are unafraid to collide against the barriers of what could be considered black metal.  Omega Infinity have found a unique and twisted path that is special to them and guaranteed to leave listeners in awe. It's a terrifying sound world that Omega Infinity gleefully present to us here and feeling your sanity collapse as they revel in this darkness only adds to the magic. 

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