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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Invicta - Triumph and Torment

Now this is a fun one. Invicta are a thrash metal band who have been on my radar for a few years now, and this newest offering is a rip roaring heavy metal apocalypse. A record that isn't afraid to go faster than over the top and which gleefully leans into the more evil side of thrash metal, Triumph And Torment is very much a thrash metal fans thrash metal record. While there are certainly rawer elements to what's being done, the end result is an album that is a lot of fun and will get your neck snapping as you mosh your way from the pinnacle to the pit. 

Triumph And Torment excites because of the sense of chaos that they throw listeners into. While the execution isn't always where it needs to be, the overarching vision behind the music has a clear passion that is going to entrance metalheads the world over. It's the groundwork for great things to come and the rawness that define tracks like "Battle The Beyond", when contrasted with the high flying guitar lines, is pretty immediately striking, exactly the sort of thing that will entrance longhairs and keep them coming back for more heavy metal fury. It's metal thrashing madness done with a passion for the bands musical ancestors. 

Anthemic at best, Invicta have found a way to distill the current heavy thrash moment into something that is full of classic metal frills whilst feeling very modern. The angular playing and tight performances impress listeners and have them coming back, curious for more of the speed metal histrionics and chunky guitar lines that have come to shape this band. Invicta will leave you with your head banging and horns in the air. It's thrash metal done right that doesn't expect too much of the listener. What more could you really want? 

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