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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Tramalizer - Fumes Of Funeral Pyres

Tramalizer are a Finnish death metal band taking it back to the old school. Their new album, Fumes Of Funeral Pyres is hard hitting and unapologetic, death metal turned up to the max with a desire to crack skulls and force listeners to embrace the darker side of man. There is something wonderfully addictive and beautifully twisted about the blasphemies they unveil here and the crushing assault that has continued to shape the way they execute their music. This is death metal done with a healthy respect for the crush of the genre.

This is a record that, while it may not have too many surprises, does an excellent job at showcasing some of our favorite Euro death metal tropes and forcing listeners to suffer under a storm of riffs. As a rule the songwriting is excellent and the production is all around solid. while at times these songs feel like they are leaning a little too hard into some of their influences, it doesn't really matter because their influences are awesome. As cheesy as the intro to a song like "Looking For Reality" might be, what metalhead in their right mind would turn down some guitar histrionics and headbanging fun? Tramalizer get back to what it's all about. 

Fumes Of Funeral Pyres is fist pumping, circle pitting fun. It's death metal that reminds us why we fell in love with the genre and doesn't take itself too seriously. This is the band executing at a high level and slitting throats, no matter where they go. Tramalizer understand the high speed hate that's required to make metal great and triumphantly lead stage dives and crowd pleasing fun with no concern for safety. Burly and unapologetic, Fumes Of Funeral Pyres is a metalheads metal album and certainly one worth revisiting.

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