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Sunday, February 19, 2023

Witte Wieven - Dwaalicht


Witte Wieven is an interesting Dutch black metal project who are unafraid to infuse their sound with touches of post rock and doom in order to craft something that is powerful, heavy, and not a little disturing. There is a very real and wonderful darkness that infects their new album Dwaalicht that will keep devotees of the underground coming back, curious for more of this gorgeous black metal. This is a band who understand the tropes of the genre but feel no need to abide by them, instead focusing on crafting ever darker works that drag listeners into the pit and force them to reflect on the crippling darkness that haunts so many of us. 

What's impressive about Witte Wieven is their ability to balance dark and light. These songs pit crushing doom and black metal riffs against ethereal and elegant vocals. They force listeners to co of the abyss and draw you into their unique and often blasphemous ministrations. The way that the band is able to balance these ideas is thrilling and speaks to the wonderful darkness that Witte Wieven so easily conjure up. It's black metal that becomes all the more powerful because of its ability to show us mystical moments in the light before bringing down the hammer and forcing us to choke on the bitter reality of existence. 

Dwaalicht is an impressive offering and sees the band easily building on a lot of the elements that helped to make Witte Wieven such a special force in the first place. This record builds on a lot of the bands early promise but also offers so much more. It's clear they've taken some serious steps as songwriters and the quality of the production has only improved with time. Witte Wieven's debut full length may have come only after nearly a decade of existence, but it feels like these sonic wanderers of Tilburg are onto something truly special. 

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