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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Heretoir - Wastelands


Now this is an interesting mini album. I've been a fan of Heretoir for years now, their new album, Wastelands is just a growth on previous fascinating successes. With three new songs and three excellent live versions of past classics, the band has been able to really set themselves apart with Wastelands and show listeners that this is a group very much in its own unique world. It's a record that builds on the past successes of Heretoir but also hints at what more they can evolve into being. This is black metal done right and with a vision. 

Heretoir have always been a band apart, one of the most exciting groups in the German underground, and a project who stand as purely their own vision, exciting and immaculate. This latest album is simply an extension on that with three tracks that nicely add to the legacy and live versions of three of their most popular offerings. Wastelands really showcases just how talented they are as a band and what they are like when the cohesive unit is brought together to execute at the highest possible level. This is post black metal executed at the highest level and Heretoir can't help but to capture the imagination as they execute time and time again.

It's cool to hear a record that so nicely encapsulates both sides of what a band is about. Wastelands lets us see something new, the next steps from Heretoir's visionary approach, but it also shows us just how strong they are as a live act. Wastelands is a sort of transitive work and one that tells the groups story much more than many of their peers could even dream of. It's exciting to let yourself get immersed in it and really start to witness the magic of what's being created - ad the hints at the sonic world that is to come out of all of this. 

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