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Monday, March 27, 2023

Nattverd - I Helvetes Forakt


Ah now this is some classic Bergen black metal! Nattverd have been slowly crawling their way into existence since the 90's, finally debuting in 2014. Their latest offering though seems to see their sound crystallizing and the band finally starting to live up to the potential that its creators saw in the project all those years aog. This is a potent offering and one full of the classic Bergen tropes. Frostbitten and slightly terrifying, it's black metal done with a sense of the genres history and a crippling dedication to its distorted future. 

I Helvetes Forakt is a record that really reflects the power of its album art. It has the same almost monocrhomatic feel, and conjures up the howling of wolves and the hour of mankinds fall. IT's a record that pushes to ever darker depths and forces listeners to really reckon with the bleak unreality that this music presents when delivered at the harshest level. This all being said - Nattverd remain reasonably accessible, they certainly stray more on the melodic black metal side of things and fans of acts like Immortal or Dissection are going to have a lot of fun with what's being done on I Helvetes Forakt with all it represents. 

Nattverd have gone above and beyond on I Helvetes Forakt to leave listeners in awe with their execution and the terrifying threnodies they weave have reached new depths of despair. This is black metal done with a twisted vision and no hope for the future, but simply a grimly frostbitten present, a world where the wolves are coming and there's not much you can do other than hope to fight them off. This is Bergen black metal done right, an excellent evolution on the Norwegian school that while not reinventing the steel is certainly going to please old heads.

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