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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Rotten Sound - Apocalypse


It always feels like an event when Rotten Sound drop a new album. Now, perhaps more than ever, as on their 30th anniversary as a band the group is releasing their first full length in 7 years. Apocalypse is a crusher, showing that the group is just as pissed as ever with the same breakneck sonic assault and bleak vision of a future that ends in flames. Building on furious guitars and blast beats, the classic elements that have always made Rotten Sound and grindcore as a whole compelling, Apocalypse is 18 succinct tracks of grindcore fury. 

It's hard not to be charmed by the sustained chaos of Apocalypse. The band does an excellent job of keeping each song concise and wonderfully brutal. Where most grind bands in their 30th year might slow down or take on new experimentations, Rotten Sound have stayed true to the classic side of the genre. It almost feels intentional that there's not a single song on this album over 2 minutes long. What this means is that Apocalypse is over far too soon, and has me constantly looking for the replay button. It's grindcore in its purest most undiluted form, with nary a reference to death metal or any of the other scenes that have polluted this music over the years. 

Apocalypse is a crusher. It's a record that leans into the raw energy of grindcore and forces listeners to come to terms with the punishing assault that has come to define the band and the twisted vision that they bring to the table. This is grindcore done with a desire to crack bones and split skulls. Undeniable, aggressive and stripping things right back to their wonderfully twisted core, Rotten Sound speak to the throat slitting magic of grindcore in a way few of their peers do and remind us all that they are masters of the genre. 

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