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Thursday, March 9, 2023

Bacchus - II


Soul searching and powerful, Bacchus's sophomore effort, the appropriately titled II is exactly the sort of broad scope, avant garde leaning magic that you might expect from the band. This is atmospheric black metal done in the most inward facing of ways, concentrated on its own bitter realizations and forcing listeners to come to terms with the darkness of self. There is something meditative and very eerie about what Bacchus have done here and it's a delight to really let yourself get sucked into the darkness they invoke. 

Rather than embracing aggression, Bacchus craft something meditative and weird. They focus on the outliers, the horrifying sides of the sonic wasteland they inhabit and leave listeners gasping for breath as they look out onto a terrifying world of collapsed civilizations. At their finest, Bacchus craft music that is eerie and otherworldly. Death defying deep dives into insane creations that build on their musical ancestors but show us that Bacchus is something wholly different, an outgrowth that will send chills up your spine. 

II is a really fascinating release and one that I think really levels up what the band initially refined on their debut. Since then, Bacchus seems to have spent countless hours working on crafting an ever more fascinating series of compositions that reign high above their peers and showcase a sound that is apocalyptic without ever becoming truly brutal. As you lose yourself in the anthemic mysteries and atmospheric magic it becomes clear just how special Bacchus are and why we should never let go of their creation.

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