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Monday, March 6, 2023

Sermon - Of Golden Verse

It's rare that I feel the need to call a record iridescent. Yet that's how the multi faceted musical magic of Sermon seems to present itself on Of Golden Verse. This is a record that is absolutely massive in scale, with a grand, larger than life vision that captures the imagination and takes their brand of progressive metal to a much higher level. The end result is an offering that is grandiose, powerful and deeply emotional. There is a shining power to this album and the layered execution that they bring to the table time and time again. 

Of Golden Verse is bombastic. It's a record that feels fueled by its own internal drama and which can continually leave listeners in awe of what's been crafted here. There aren't a lot of albums in the scene today that are able to reflect this level of emotional depth. While Sermon are undeniably playing progressive metal, many of the hallmarks of the genre are cast aside in the name of making something more emotionally vibrant. It also serves to make the record far easier to digest than many other prog metal offerings, but it's deep enough in its conception that listeners are deeply rewarded for returning for another listen. 

Sermon have gone above and beyond on Of Golden Verse. While the future of the band seems unclear (The group seemed to go completely off the radar after a single show following their debut album) one can only hope that they continue to release such emotionally powerful and exciting music. Sermon have found a way to bring their sound to bold new heights on Of Golden Verse and it's far too much fun to really immerse yourself in the darkness of their music as you navigate these bold sonic landscapes time and time again. 

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