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Sunday, March 5, 2023

Pestilength - Basom Gryphos

Now this one is a veritable monster.  Pestilength made some waves last year when they first released Basom Gryphos and I'm thrilled to have a chance to write about this album. It's blackened death metal done right. These Spaniards have honed something wonderfully evil and blasphemously loud with Basom Gryphos and it's hard not to lose yourself in the hard hitting nature of darkness that Pestilength seem to so easily invoke and dish out. It's twisted sounds done to the nth degree, vibrant in its brutality and impressive in scope. 

Pestilength are unapologetic in their atonal approaches and the off kilter riffs only add to the bleeding edge magic that defines so much of Basom Gryphos. These tracks conjure up hellish atmospheres, providing a veritable soundtrack to the apocalypse even as you try to wrap your head around their strange and otherworldly compositions. This is blackened death metal done with an eye for clawing at your sanity and forcing listeners to come to terms with some of the darkest visions that they have brought to the table. There's a very small set of records where the album art seems to really reflect what the music is like, but the twisted being and hellscape that graces the cover of Vasom Gryphos seems to be a fitting analogy for the music within. 

This is not an album for the faint of heart or an album that I would define as easy listening in any way shape or form. Instead what Basom Gryphos focuses on is forcing the listener to confront hard and brutal sonic realities, many of which may seem tricky to really comprehend upon first listen. Howling and fierce, Basom Gryphos is the sound of empires crumbling and my sanity gradually fading away. Let yourself get lost in these avant facing brutalism and you'll find yourself experiencing a whole new level of blackened death metal blasphemy. 

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