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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

VoidCeremony - Threads of Unknowing

Now this one is a crusher. VoidCeremony have been favorites of mine for a while and their upcoming album, Threads Of Unknowing is simply building on the magic of their previous work. It's gloriously intense, skronky and vicious death metal full of visionary twists and turns that leave listeners and awe and which speak to the crippling assault that VoidCeremony have been able to unveil time and time again on their listeners. This is death metal done with a lust for blood and it is incredibly addictive to get lost in. 

VoidCeremony simply crush on this album. There are so many layers to the work and the end result is so wonderfully cerebral. It's thinking mans death metal, inspired by the likes of Atheist and Cynic, music for the death metal nerds who want to hear jazz influences and absurdly tricky performances combining together to make some wonderfully jarring and surprisingly effective music. While Threads Of Unknowing might not be an easy listen, it's certainly a record that is going to keep listeners excited for what more is to come from the death metal masters who seem to be able to conquer even the most technically challenging propositions with ease. 

Threads of Unknowing is a clear next step for VoidCeremony and an album that I think hints at all that is to come from a band who have this much raw talent at their disposal. Their is something wonderfully old school about their approach, despite all of the avant garde songwriting ideas. It makes for music that feels very real and is sure to engage listeners on a deeper level as they seek to connect with the bitter wolfs lair abyss that has been unveiled by VoidCeremony on this devilishly intense and slightly terrifying offering. 

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