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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Vulture Industries - Ghosts From The Past


Norwegian masters Vulture Industries are back with their most engaging and bombastic work to date. It's a record with gorgeous production and immaculate songwriting, an album that dramatically pushes the band to bold new heights. Ghost from The Past is a record that speaks to darkness of a sort that few of the bands peers could really match. It's emotional and desperately engaging, a release that demands spin after spin. It's a record that speaks to how exciting the Bergen scene is and which builds on so many of the bands previous visions from the darkside. 

Perhaps what strikes me the most about Ghosts From The Past is the scope of the work. While previous Vulture Industries records certainly were wide ranging, this one feels far greater. The band builds on some of their classic ideas in order to go to higher heights and plumb lower depths. The imagery on the album too feels like it's taken a second level, with song titles like "Saturn Devouring His young" and "Tyrants Weep Alone" just hinting at how much richer this release is lyrically and thematically. Vulture Industries with their multi tiered instrumentation and polished songwriting have crafted what is quite possibly their most accessible work to date. 

Ghosts From The Past seems like evidence that Vulture Industries will only get better. While not all the execution is truly perfect, on some level that comes with the territory for a band like this trying to do so much at once. The end result is a release that feels very human and wonderfully exciting. Ghosts From The Past is a release that paints images of a world forgot and a darker future that many of the bands peers can only dream of imitating. This is avantgarde rock music done with a passion and vision that is sure to entrance you.

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