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Thursday, April 6, 2023

Defiled - The Highest Level


When a death metal band has been otu there cracking skulls for thirty years you know they they are onto something special, that their dedication to the genre and unrelenting willingness to keep it heavy is completely unavoidable and speaks to a new level of terror. Such is the power of Defiled whose new album, The Highest Level reminds us confidently that they are the kings of Japanese death metal for a reason. This record rings forth with all of its classic old school death metal magic and the vicious hellscapes that they unload here remain as primitive and deliciously heavy as ever. 

This is classic primitive old school death metal done right, with a bleak vision for the future and a balls out assault that speaks to the wonderful inherent darkness of the band and all that they have created for us over the years. The reason I adore this band is the same reason I've always adored this band, they refuse to stray from the path, and instead double dowon ontheir stripped back songwriting and skull grinding assault. The end result is an album that is unrelenting and vicious, a cascading symphony of bone crushing riffs and hectic drum performances that keep devout listeners enamored with the stripped back annihilation that has always defined Defiled's music. 

The Highest Level is a crusher any way you slice it. They are a death metal addicts death metal band. They are a band who don't have any desire to play around or pretend to be something they are not. Instead Defiled just focus on the classic elements of their sound, gracing us with a record that would not have sounded out of place had they put it out in 1993 instead of 2023. Take that as you will, but I for one am deeply enamored with this classic sound with all of its grating percussive brilliance. So dive on in, the blood is fine!

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