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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Henget - Beyond North Star


Avant garde black metal is an interesting place these days, there are so many new elements in the genre and it's a lot of fun to hear how things have been evolving and try to predict where they will go next. Henget are one such band helping to craft new parapets for the genre with a soudn that seems to be very much in the vein of groups like Vulture Industries and Arcturus. Their off kilter brand of black metal is a lot of fun to get lost in and is full of surprises. Their new album, Beyond North Star is a testament to their sonic wanderings. 

Loosely a concept album, this record seems to revel in the darkness and consistently pushes the wonderful blasphemous darkness of the genre to new heights. The band has found a way to consistently impress with this release, crafting potent sounds and using their gorgeous production to really lure in the listener and allow them to fall in lvoe with what's being done. The arrangements are replete with ornamentation and many of the songs go in new and unexpected directions. Wonderfully melodic and more than a little fun, Henget consistently find a way to impress. With a record brimming with ideas it's hard to not give it multiple spins. 

Beyond North Star is going to fascinate black metal fans of all stripes. It's melodic, kvlt and devilishly intricate. There is an anthemic power to the best songs on the album and a transcendent schizophrenia to others. This is black metal taken to weirdly shreddy new places and if you're curious to hear the fringes of the genre being polished into something utterly fascinating then this is absolutely the record to draw you in and leave you in awe of all that is to come from these visionaries constantly breathing new life into the craft. 

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