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Monday, April 17, 2023

Lunar Chamber - Shambhallic Vibrations


Now this is an interesting one. Lunar Chamber are a progressive death doom band whose sound is visionary and powerful. Their music is inspired by the beautiful traditions of Buddhism and also Gorguts.  This is a record that seems to lean into so many interesting ideas and does so with aplomb. There are gorgeous melodies, stunning shred solos and generally stellar songwriting that will keep you entranced. Shambhallic Vibrationss conjures up sounds that are epic and ancient, certain to keep listeners coming back in awe. 

While Shambhallic Vibrations is certainly a dense listen and one that is going to take you a few spins to really figure out, it's clear from the first just how good Lunar Chamber are and what is being accomplished with this one of a kind force of an album. It's death doom taken to the logical extreme leaving listeners in awe and gasping for air. Lunar Chamber's work inhabits the same dense prog world as artists like VoidCeremony and Artificial Brain. The music is still largely death metal inspired, but there is room for so much experimentation and unique compositional wizardry that it's hard not to fall in love time and time again. 

Lunar Chamber are a metal nerds metal band. The music is incredibly impressive with standout performances from all members, especially the bassist. It's a record that requires a shared vision and some truly intimidating songwriting. If you let yourself get lost in what they've done here though you'll understand just how good these guys are at what they do. Lunar Chamber is a stunning project and one that I think continually is going to draw listeners ever deeper into an unending well of poetic sonic transcendence.

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