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Sunday, April 9, 2023

Mournful Congregation - The Exuviae of Gods – Part II


Man - Mournful Congregation releases on back to back years? How lucky are we? With The Exuviae Of Gods - Part II Mournful Congregation prove once more that they are the masters of funeral doom for a reason. THis is a record that transcends sorrow and proves that this band is not just the real deal, but a one of a kind product that will never be fully emulated by anyone else. This offering builds on all those classic Mournful Congregation elements we know and love, but eagerly unpacks many of the layers of darkness that make it all so addictive.

It's hard not to get lost in the crushingly slow, but wonderfully ominous momentum that defines the work of Mournful Congregation. Though these songs may crawl forward they carry an immense emotional weight and the sheer volume that comes cascading down as they unleash sadness upon the listeners is hard to deny. As I sit here a couple of listens deep I find it hard not to be moved. They have found a potent portal off sorrow in their minor key melodies and heart rending visions that take you crawling to the abyss. This album continues to lean into the groups distinctive sound and speak to just how talented they remain to be.

The Exuviae Of Gods - Part II reflects on moving vertiable mountains of sorrow, massive soundworlds that just crush the soul and speak to new levels of darkness in ways that Mournful Congregation has done for years now. They understand the power of this genre fundamentally and it's hard not to be enamored with the darkness that they conjure up here. It's a sound world that is wholly their own, beautiful and gorgeously produced, one you can get lost in and one that is going to consistently show listeners to find the magic in waves of sadness. 

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