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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Oreida - The Eternal


Debemur Morti records is constantly delivering the goods when it comes to black metal, and this latest offering from the one and only Oreida is no exception. The Eternal is a masterfully put together record that basks in the glory of nineties Norwegian black metal and seamlessly integrates elements of post punk, shoegaze and industrial without ever becoming pretty or too artsy for its own good. Instead, The Eternal is a deeply powerful and thought provoking piece that fans of the underground are going to find themselves ensconced in even after a single listen. 

The songs here are powerful and larger than life. The transcendent magic of these songs is hard to deny and the shimmering power of the tremolo picked chords on a track like "The Eternal" is pretty damn undeniable. Oreida have with their sophomore album leveled up the trance inducing magic of their music and found new ways to lull the listener towards transcendence. This is a record that really overwhelms the listener with its blurs of sound and waves of guitars. It's the sort of thing you get immersed in and then fall in love with because it's simply so big and endlessly delectable.These crushing sonic assaults are oddly comforting and bold in their scope. 

The Eternal is a potent next step for Oreida and a record that I think fans of the underground are going to find themselves coming back too time and time again. The band has a very clear sound and vision, and their post rock-esque approach of cascading tremolo picked chords collides nicely with the nineties black metal influences. It's easy to find yourself lost in this record and its deceptively simple sonic tricks. I've found myself coming back to this record as I prepare to review it, enamored with the vision that has been laid out - perhaps you will be too. 

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