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Thursday, April 20, 2023

Vampyroteuthis Infernalis - S/T


Eerie, ominous and larger than life, such is the power of Vampyroteuthis Infernalis and their new album of the same name. Split across two sprawling 20 minute plus pieces of music, this new self titled album is epic in its scope and speaks to Chthonic horrors that I think many of us wouldn't even dare to contemplate. It's a record that is elaborate and powerful, the sort of black metal that forces us to gaze at the forbidden angles and obscene size of the universe.

It's hard not to be entranced with what's being done here and the overarching sense of doom that the band so easily bring to the table really speaks to their talent as songwriters. This is black metal done with a sense of chaotic vision and is almost terrifting in its scope. There is somethign about this band that makes you really contemplate the sheer size of the universe and our own insignificance. As if when you plumb the depths of Vampyroteuthis Infernalis it's impossible to find another way out than the forbidden passageways which they reveal. This is black metal done with a sort of inhuman blasphemy, transcending religion and instead forcing unholy contemplation of the human condition. 

When you find yourself confronted with a work of this immensity it's hard not to be impressed, even if at times it makes you want to recoil in horror. That's the beauty of the music though, that through it all Vampyroteuthis Infernalis have found a way to conjure up true darkness, delving into Lovecraftian sorcery and skin melting black metal in order to force listeners to come to terms with the frailty of their own humanity. What more could you want from a band with this vision and sense of otherworldly suffering they bring down upon the listener?

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