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Friday, April 28, 2023

Sarvekas - Woven Dark Paths

Finnish black metal is compelling for the frozen wastelands that they paint before us as we get lost in the soundworlds they have crafted. Such is the power of Sarvekas, whose new record, Woven Dark Paths is a haunting trip through the darkest Finnish woods that consistently guides listeners into unrelenting darkness and forces us to come to terms with the bitter blasphemies that the band has continualy conjured up. Woven Dark Paths can't help but to thrill and it's a delight to really let yourself unpack the multifaceted sonic vision that the band unveils.

This is Finnish black metal that heeds so many of the genres tropes, but it goes beyond that too. There is something hauntingly beautiful about Woven Dark Paths, and the music isn't quite as monochromatic as many of their peers. In fact - one could say that Sarvekas have a taste for the dramatic, with some of the strongest compositions on this album being the most epic. The album closer "The Great Winter" with its bombastic guitars and synth padding is a great example of this at work. It hints at a band who understand both how to build on their roots, but who have a vision that will take them to bold and vicious new heights of darkness. 

Sarvekas have a clear vision and it's exciting to hear them lay it all out for us on Woven Dark Paths. It's a black metal record that belies both a deep fascination with the genres history in the bands native country but also shows their listening goes deeper than that and that Sarvekas have the power to craft something a little bit more accessible. Woven Dark Paths is a thrilling record and one that I think fans of the underground will enjoy, but also one that will serve as a gateway to evil things for those trying to take their first steps into the dark. 

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