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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Cloak - Black Flame Eternal

Cloak have always been an impressive force in the US black metal scene. Their sound, which so eagerly draws from musical ancestors like Dissection and Rotting Christ is gloriously devilish and speaks to the crushing power of this scene. There is something wonderfully fascinating and twistedly charming about what the band has constructed here and it's a delight to really let yourself navigate the gloriously evil waters of Black Flame Eternal. This is black metal done with the sort of bombast that made us fall in love with it in the first place. 

Black Flame Eternal is a record that leans into so many of the classic and beloved elements of a genre that has captured our collective imagination for years. It's an album that is aggressive and over the top, and which leans into its most wonderfully putrid elements. That being said - there are also moments of impressive melody and thrilling compositions that keep listeners on the edge of their seat as they start to really understand just how wild the vision behind Black Flame Eternal is. This is black metal that will slit your throat if you even suggest a notion of prettiness, and instead forces us to choke on the bitter pill of blasphemy that shaped this music in the first place.

What's cool about this album is how Cloak are in many ways spearheading what feels like a new wave of black metal in the USA. Bands like Demiser and Necrofier have come together to prove that US audiences love god old black n' roll land understand the church burning magic of the genre. It's hard not to be thrilled with what they bring to the table and the glorious intensity of their performances. Black Flame Eternal is black metal done right and for those of us looking for something to get us raising the horns and diving into the pit, then there are few better options. 

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