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Friday, May 12, 2023

Perilaxe Occlusion - Vapor Chamber


It's always interesting to take a retrospective look at a band, especially one like Perilaxe Occlusion, who formed really over the pandemic, put out a few demos, a split or two, and then decided to drop off the face of the earth. Their final release, Vapor Chamber is a compilation of all that they have done plus a few never before heard rarities,  telling the story of a fascinating band and asking us what could have been. This is an addictive listen and one that exemplifies just why this band was so interesting. Though it may be a dense 68 minutes, it's a crusher you won't soon forget. 

Vapor Chamber thrills because of the intensity of the performances and the bands unique ability to bring together diverse schools of black metal. Perilaxe Occlusion have long since made their name on a unique combination of Swedish, American and Finnish death metal styles. Spending time with their entire discography and really picking it apart has given me a much deeper sentiment that this was their true obsession and something that devout listeners would certainly find fascinating for spin after spin. It's a testament to a sound that feels wonderfully old and is surprisingly incisive in its sprawling and visionary diversity. 

Perilaxe Occlusion is a stunning and fascinating project and one that is gone far too early. In a scene where so many people are retreading the same ground or trying to take advantage of the waves of hype that have come to define so much of the community, Perilaxe Occlusion represented something truly demented and underground. The scene loses something meaningful with their loss, and now the question is when will a similar force come back? In the meantime we have sixty eight minutes of crushing power to leave us in awe.

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