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Saturday, May 20, 2023

Gutslit - Carnal

I've been a fan of Gutslit for a really long time now. They are an Indian metal band with a genuine deep ferocity that is a delight to witness unfold. The aural assault that they bring to the table and the raw chaos unveiled on their new album Carnal is addictive. They're a band where the clarity of vision is fascinating and intricately executed. Everything from the cover art to the Mark Lewis mixing job speaks to the level of professionalism the band brings to the table in order to unveil a record that was six long years in the making. 

The thing that surprises me the most about this record is how quickly it moves. The eight seven tracks (and one interlude) are almost all 3-5 minutes long, but they are written with a sense of blistering momentum that keeps you deeply engaged in the album. The high power assault of a song like "Altar of Putridity" is deeply engaging and speaks to just how talented these guys are. There is something delightfully violent about the performances unveiled on Carnal and the acrobatic, angular guitar playing is certain to keep listeners coming back, enthralled with the bands deep understanding of quality death metal songwriting. 

Carnal is a crusher, any way you slice it. It's a record that is a veritable highlight reel of the triumphs of the Indian death metal scene and the blistering performances on this album are a delight. Gutslit is a death metal addicts death metal album. It's a delightfully evil and wonderfully intense ode to modern death metal violence and a record that underground devotees will be sure to quietly pass around and enjoy. For those in the know, there are few bands as interesting and gloriously vile as Gutslit. So get ready to take in the "BLECH"s and turn it all the way up. 

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