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Friday, May 19, 2023

Charonyx - Persistent Soul

Now this is an interesting one. Emerging from the American Midwest, Charonyx have just unveiled a thrilling new EP, Persistent Soul. It's a high flying thrash metal release with oodles of interesting thrills and intense performances sure to keep listeners engaged. It's a record that is clearly in love with metal past and which eagerly borrows from a variety of elements ranging from 80s speed metal derived from the big 4 to Queensryche inspired prog sorcery. It makes for a fun listen that showcases the musicians skill and hints at the potential that they are bringing to the table. 

Persistent Soul impresses because of its diversity of approaches, but in some ways this is also what holds it back. From track to track you find yourself jumping between subgenres, and while the execution is generally good, it makes for confusing listening. Still - it takes some talented goddamn musicians to be able to pull off what the band has done here with their gallops, blasts and soaring vocal wizardry. Tied into this - it's really fun to just listen to a record that has shredders on it, that is in love with the classic elements of metal that got so many of us excited about it in the first place. The acrobatic guitar playing is perhaps the strongest highlight of the release. 

Charonyx are a fun band to listen too - full stop. The music is intense and bouncy and colored with all sorts of guitar flourishes. While the diversity of their sound can be a little confusing, as the band settles into their groove you start to get a sense for what they are really about and the vision they are so eagerly bringing to the table. This is thrash metal done with a sense of the past and a desire to fuse influences to craft something greater. If you're going to listen to one release from an unsigned band today, then this should probably be it. 

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