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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Haradrim - Death of Idols

Death Of Idols is black metal done with a mouth for war. The crust punk meets black metal inspired sound that they unleash on their debut is delightfully vicious, full of spiky guitar riffs and frosty ambiances. It's a record that, while certainly not reinventing the steel does a wonderful job of unleashing hellish Marduk inspired darkness upon listeners and reminding us exactly why we all love this genre so much. Haradrims' music approaches wonderfully dismal new depths on this release and it hints at nightmares to come in the most vile of ways. 

Haradrim unleash hell throughout Death Of Idols and the blasting ferocity that they exhibit throughout this album makes for addictive listening. There is an over the top sense of evil with what Haradrim present on Death Of Idols and hearing them lay that out and crack skulls with their frostbitten riffs is a delight. It speaks to the inherent rage that fuels this band and their unrelenting vision. The monochromatic soundscapes that define Death Of Idols are deceptively immersive, and the bands unique ability to force you to come to terms with your own inherent darkness makes for a powerful look deep into the bleakest corners of the underground. 

In a world where black metal means war, Haradrim understand how to distill the violence into sonic form. Death Of Idols is the showcase of this in its finest hour, unrelenting heaviness brought to the fore with strong production and punishing drum beats. This is a record that leans into so many of the most awe inspiring and death defying sides of the genre, building on relatively simple core principles in order to indulge listeners in new layers of darkness, and forcing us to accept just how bitter our realities can all become.  

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