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Monday, May 29, 2023

Mirakler - How I Became The Devil

Glorious noise rock magic. That's the only real way to describe the power of what Mirakler have crafted on this album. It's noise rock done right, with a Nirvana esque magic, a bold vision and a sense of DIY misery that is going to keep you entranced with the glorious darkness of what this music can be. How I Became The Devil is the next step in the bold evolution of Mirakler and it's easy to fall in love with the vision that they've laid out for us on this album. It's noise rock done right and with a deep understanding of the underground. 

I think what gets me the most about this album is the quality of the production. It perfectly encapsulates the skronky nature of the sound and immerses listeners in a veritable wall of volume. The overwhelming crush that defines tracks like "Instant Drugs" with all of its harsh noise viciousness is counterbalanced by tracks like "My Battery Is Low And It's Getting Dark"  which explore a more ambient side of the sound. Meanwhile, there are more straight ahead rockers, "Kenny" is a great example of a track that proves Mirakler can break out a weirdly danceable banger when they really want too. They're talented fellas taking it to bold new heights. 

Mirakler wear their influences on their sleeves and use them to craft noise rock that is wonderfully exciting and delightfully suffocating. How I Became the Devil is an album that often pushes Mirakler to delve into freaky new sides of the music and which revels in the darkness that they so eagerly craft. It's demented rock and roll to appease the underground freaks who can't get enough. I gotta say - I'm one of their number and this is an album I see being on regular rotation for noise rockers across the globe for a long time coming.

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